Capital Grant

From Gates Family Foundation

Once a corporate and community well-being initiative of the Gates Rubber Company, the Gates Family Foundation now works to advance opportunities in a variety of ways for all Coloradoans, promote excellent stewardship of the state’s natural resources, and grow leadership and build civic capacity.

Type of Support


Land, facilities, and civic infrastructure are long-term assets that can transform the ability of nonprofit and community organizations to serve Colorado communities. For this reason, the Gates Family Foundation invests in capital projects across the state, in both rural and urban areas. We strive to be responsive to each community’s unique needs and opportunities.

Our capital grants are generally limited to comprehensive capital campaigns, which are typically for building purchases, construction, expansion, renovation, and/or land acquisition.

We fund capital projects within five categories:

  • Arts & Culture projects that
    • enhance the cultural quality of community life while also strengthening the economy
    • link a community with its heritage and contribute to usable community infrastructure
    • serve as an educational resource for children, youth, and adults
  • Community Development projects that
    • create economic opportunity, add to the quality of life, and enhance stability for the residents of a community
    • have the potential to reinforce and enhance the economic vitality of a community
    • involve partnerships between public and private sector organizations
  • Education projects that
    • serve a majority of students from low-income families
    • build or improve education facilities that will be heavily used by a majority of the community
    • increase access to education in rural areas
    • provide life-long learning to a broad audience
  • Parks & Recreation projects that
    • protect and steward land and water resources, habitat, and the health of natural systems
    • preserve the state’s agricultural legacy
    • construct and improve parks, trail systems, and open space for public recreation and access
    • provide environmental education and leadership opportunities for young people
  • Well-Being of Children, Youth & Families projects that
    • develop greater self-sufficiency, including the well-being and independence of disadvantaged families and the elderly
    • increase leadership and life skills
    • promote good health and well-being rather than cure disease


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
Fiscally-sponsored organizations
  • Many applicants find it useful to contact Lisa Rucker to review the substance of the proposed project.
  • Applicants must have at least 30% of their project budget raised prior to being considered (Have commitments for approximately 30% of the funds needed to complete the project in place prior to submission, unless a waiver of this requirement has been granted).


Animal service or animal welfare organizations
Mental and behavioral treatment facilities for adults, senior care facilities, or hospice facilities
Religious organizations or activities
Political or lobbying activities
Private foundations or organizations engaged in grant making
Individual public schools or public school districts
Requests for funds for medical research
Requests to purchase tickets for fundraising dinners, parties, benefits, balls, or other social fundraising events
Requests for funds for the purchase of vehicles, office of computer equipment, or to retire operating or construction debt
Requests for funds for conferences, meetings, or studies that are not initiated by the Foundation
Supporting organizations described in section 509(a)(3), other than a Type I, Type II or functionally-integrated Type III supporting organization of which is not (and the supported organization of which is not) directly or indirectly controlled by a disqualified person of either the Foundation or a family fund
We generally do not support P-12 private schools or district-owned facilities, or higher education facilities or capital campaigns
We rarely support medical and dental facilities, though in rare occasions will prioritize those in remote rural areas with service to low-income populations
We only consider school athletic or recreation facilities when they will be widely used by the community, in addition to the school.
not specified


You may submit applications every year.
Required Attachments
Project Budget
Organizational Budget
Audited Financial Statement
Form 990
501(c)(3) Letter
Board List
Bios of Key Staff
Contact info
1390 Lawrence Street, Suite 400, Denver, CO 80204
Review Criteria

When making funding decisions, we prioritize:

  • Projects that address root problems with substantive solutions
  • Projects with evidence of community involvement in setting project priorities
  • Projects with strong evidence of support from the community and the organization’s board
  • Projects in rural and low-income areas across Colorado where there are fewer individuals and institutions providing support for capital projects
  • Projects that serve individuals and communities of color who have faced historic inequities and lack of access to funding
  • Projects with strong engagement and financial support from the organization’s governing board
  • Projects that reinforce the foundation’s strategic priorities in K-12 public education, natural resources, community development, and informed communities
  • Projects that address climate change, and/or incorporate green building and sustainable development practices
  • Organizations with sound management practices, effective executive leaders, and engaged board members