The George & Fay Young Foundation Grant

From The George & Fay Young Foundation

The George & Fay Young Foundation seeks to foster learning by improving access to opportunity and strengthening communities through sustainable solutions.

Type of Support


Areas of Focus

  • Education
    • The Foundation seeks to support unique programs and experiences that have proven impact. The primary focus of our educational efforts is directed towards early childhood, primary, and secondary education.
  • Individual, Family, & Community Support
    • The Foundation seeks to support programs working to promote positive change while fostering self-reliance for individuals and families.
  • Animal Awareness
    • The Foundation focuses on programs in which animal welfare is the core component, as well as programs that promote the importance of the relationship between humans and animals.
  • Health
    • The Foundation supports health issues, with specific interest in Diabetes and Vision Loss. The Foundation also looks to support environmental efforts that promote healthy living environments for all.


Organization's Location
Program Location
USA (with preference for the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, TX)
Organization Type


Non 501(c)(3) entities
Partisan political groups and lobbying efforts
Deficit funding
Start ups less than 3 years old
Professional conferences
not specified


You may receive awards every year.
Step 1: Pre-proposal
Step 2: Full proposal (invite only)