The Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation Grant

From The Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation

Established by Bruce and Diane Halle of Discount Tire, the Halle Foundation now serves as a statewide leader in providing philanthropic resources for organizations working in the fields of human services, health & medical, education, arts & culture, and spirituality. The Halle Foundation identifies and funds outstanding nonprofits in Arizona to ensure that all people can build healthy, productive, and inspiring lives.

Type of Support


The Foundation funds efforts to strengthen the daily opportunities and lifelong outcomes for the people and communities of the State of Arizona.

Funding priorities include:

  • Human Services: programs that provide basic human needs: food, shelter, clothing, and support to those who are without resources; be it financial, emotional, mental, physical, and/or spiritual support

    • food banks and food delivery
    • homeless shelters and affordable housing
    • job creation and job training
    • youth development
  • Health & Medical: leading local hospitals, medical centers and specialized medical institutions providing access to healthcare for high-need populations; programs designed to enhance skills and increase the number of practitioners across roles in healthcare

    • programs improving access to high-quality healthcare for low-income populations, rural populations and/or veterans
    • programs providing dental, vision or other health services to those in need
    • programs scaling innovative healthcare delivery systems to provide efficient, coordinated care
  • Education: educational institutions and initiatives to help increase access to high quality education and training particularly for lower income students

    • higher education programs and scholarships for the three state universities in Arizona
    • college access and college success programming
    • programs that challenge the traditional school model that enhances learning for at-risk and underserved students
  • Arts & Culture: cultural institutions that offer meaningful programs in the arts and sciences, prioritizing those to support exhibitions and projects that add to the creation of knowledge in the arts, especially Latin American art in the United States; select programs that nurture and develop artistic talent

  • Spirituality: organizations that offer meaningful programs access to spiritual purposes and solace to those in spiritual need


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
Organization Budget And Years
Organization's annual budget is at least 500k
Organization has existed for at least 3 years
  • Must have a conversation with Diane & Bruce Halle Foundation Staff prior to any submission.
  • Must be in operation and have 501(c)(3) status for at least three (3) years, preferably five (5) years.
  • Must have an annual cash budget of a minimum of $500,000, preferably $1,000,000 or more.


Influencing legislation and/or elections
Political candidates or political campaigns
Social or political issues outside the United States
Fundraising dinners or events
Animal welfare
National organizations that do not have local chapters in Arizona
Consumer interest
not specified


You may submit applications every year.
Step 1: Letter of Inquiry
Application deadline
Jul 15
Step 2: Full proposal (check website)
Required Attachments
Letter of Inquiry (LOI)
Form 990
Audited Financial Statement
Review Criteria

You should be prepared to demonstrate and discuss:

  • Strong leadership and management
  • A qualified, engaged, and supportive board of directors
  • Effective financial management
  • A funding model that supports your infrastructure and programs with appropriate cash reserves
  • A well-trained and supported staff
  • A process to solicit and utilize client/constituent feedback
  • A board of directors and staff that reflect the diversity of people and key interests of the communities you serve
  • Programs and services that are responsive to the cultural and linguistic needs of your clients/constituents
  • An effective strategy to accomplish your mission that results in positive and desirable outcomes
  • A capacity to measure impact and learn from your results
  • An ability to identify and adapt to internal and external changes