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Continuing the legacy of George and Jay Hormel, The Hormel Foundation is proud to be a part of initiatives that will improve the quality of life in the Austin, Minnesota community. Since 1941, the Foundation has been dedicated to the support of local organizations.

Type of Support


The Hormel Foundation offers grants to organizations that support their local community in Austin, MN.


Organization's Location
Program Location
MN (Austin)
Organization Type

The Foundation prefers to participate with other donors.


Organizations who are not operated for charitable, educational or scientific purposes or organizations who have their funds benefit any private shareholder or individual
Projects which attempt to influence legislation or to organizations whose activities are substantially in the area of promoting or publicizing a particular cause or view in an attempt to influence legislation
not specified


You may submit applications every year.
Required Attachments
Form 990
501(c)(3) Letter
Board List
Project Budget
Audited Financial Statement
Contact info
(507) 437-9800
The Hormel Foundation, 329 North Main Street, Suite 102L, Austin, MN 55912-3478
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