Houston Endowment Grant

From Houston Endowment

Houston Endowment is a place-based funder that is deeply committed to addressing our community’s most significant challenges and reducing barriers to opportunities. Their current priorities are to strengthen public education, increase informed civic engagement, and enhance Greater Houston’s arts, cultural organizations, and greenspaces.

Type of Support


To be eligible to receive funding from Houston Endowment, an organization should drive our strategic priorities: Arts and Parks, Civic Engagement, and PreK-12 Public Education. 

  • Arts and Parks: We support efforts to maintain and strengthen the robustness of our local arts and cultural organizations – from world recognized institutions to emerging organizations. We also support efforts toward enhancing community connectivity through greenspaces.
  • Civic Engagement: We support a robust democracy, strong civic integration of immigrants, and independent local journalism.
  • PreK-12 Public Education: We believe teachers are critically important and aim to strengthen the pipeline of well-prepared and supported teachers. In addition, we support initiatives that develop and sustain high quality schools that are accessible to all families.

Following review of the unsolicited request, program officers will either invite an application or notify you that your unsolicited request has been declined. You will typically receive a decision by email within three months.


Organization's Location
Program Location
TX (Greater Houston, including Harris County, Brazoria County, Chambers County, Fort Bend County, Galveston County, Liberty County, Montgomery County, and Waller County)
Organization Type
Public college or university
Public school district
Governmental agency

Houston Endowment is open to providing funding for appropriate administrative expenses related to relevant operations. We ask that any indirect costs be detailed in the proposed budget and explicitly discussed with the program officer.


Organizations who have submitted an unsolicited request and been declined 5 times
not specified


Step 1: Pre-proposal
Application deadline
Step 2: Full proposal (invite only)
Review Criteria
  • We consider the results that the applicant seeks to achieve, the applicant’s capacity to produce those results and how those results drive our priorities.
  • As part of our due diligence process, we consider whether the proposed approach is likely to be effective and/or provide a significant opportunity to advance the field; if there is a deep engagement with those whom the entity serves; and if a commitment to defining clear goals and tracking results, learning and adapting, and sharing results and learnings with others is evident.