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The HRG foundation makes grants to Quaker organizations, programs, individuals, and non-Quaker organizations that advance related principles founder John Ewbank advocated such as "servant leadership," peacemaking, and world government.

Type of Support


Some HRG grants are made to individual Quakers who have a project or mission related to HRG's general objectives. Our larger grants are typically to Quaker organizations, or small non-Quaker organizations that are working to promote world federalism, world peace, or social justice in a global mode. We have occasionally made contributions to help people from other countries participate in social-justice activities, and each year make grants to a few large-scale social justice organizations operating internationally.


Organization's Location
Program Location
Global, with preference for USA
Organization Type
Individual Quakers
Quaker organizations
not specified


Step 1: Pre-proposal
Application deadline
Step 2: Full proposal (invite only)
Contact info
Home Rule Globally, Pennswood Village, Suite J-112, 1382 Newtown-Langhorne Rd., Newtown, PA 18940-2401