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The Larson Family Foundation is a private, non-profit organization established by Dale Larson, CEO and President of Larson Manufacturing Company, the nation's leading manufacturer of storm doors and storm windows. The purpose of establishing a foundation was to give back to the community of Brookings and the state of South Dakota which have played a significant role in the growth and prospering of Larson Manufacturing.

Grant uses


The Foundation prefers to support basic human needs such as food, clothing, shelter and education.

Within these criteria, the Foundation provides support for new, expanding or sustaining program services, endowments, capital campaigns and general operating expenses, not including rent, utilities, office furniture, salaries, benefits, and computer equipment used for administrative purposes. The Foundation may consider salary and equipment expenses if they are part of expanding program services.


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
Educational institutions
Qualified government units


General fundraising
Deficit financing
Loans or reduction of existing debt
Individuals, such as scholarships, loans or pledges for fundraising events such as marathons, relays/walks, cycling, etc.
Research projects
Conferences, seminars, media events or workshops unless they are an integral part of a broader program
Operating and/or administrative expenses including, but not limited to rent, utilities, salaries, fringe benefits, office furniture, and computer equipment utilized for administrative record keeping, etc.
Benefits and event sponsorship
Economic Development Projects
Costs affiliated with fundraising events, political campaigns or programs designed to influence legislation
Assisted living or medical facilities (except in the area of health prevention programs, medical equipment excluded)
up to 100k


You may submit applications every year.
Step 1: Letter of Inquiry
Application window
Jul 2
Aug 15
Step 2: Full proposal (check website)
Required Attachments
Letter of Inquiry (LOI)
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