Land, Health, Community Grant

From The Lumpkin Family Foundation

The Lumpkin Family Foundation supports people working together to build healthy, sustainable communities in East Central Illinois and across the US.

Type of Support


Land, Health, Community (LHC) is the Foundation’s primary and largest grantmaking program and reflects the Lumpkin family's historic connection and commitment to the community.

We make grants in East Central Illinois that reflect our vision:

  • Our community has a strong local food system and agricultural economy, resilient businesses, and amenities that attract new businesses and retain local talent. We are prosperous.
  • Our community is physically active, values healthy eating, and prioritizes overall wellbeing. We are mentally well and physically fit.
  • Our community has strong leadership and the capacity for collaboration. We are socially engaged.
  • Our community works to conserve, protect and preserve the natural environment. We value the natural beauty of the area.

We have now expanded the program's focus to include efforts that contribute to mental wellness through individual and community engagement with the natural environment. Specifically, we aim to fund programs that:

  • Demonstrate and promote a connection between engagement with nature and positive mental health outcomes
  • Create opportunities for youth and young adults to disengage from technology and engage in outdoor programs and activities designed to improve their mental wellness
  • Support mental health practitioners by increasing opportunities for self-care or personal renewal
  • Provide opportunities for those impacted by trauma (i.e., foster youth) to engage in nature-based healing activities


Organization's Location
Program Location
IL (East Central Illinois, with preference for Cole and surrounding counties)
Organization Type
  • We encourage prospective grantees to contact us to discuss their potential proposal and its possible fit with our guidelines.
  • Preference is given to rural organizations.
  • We are especially interested in programs or projects that connect communities.
not specified


You may submit applications every year.
Step 1: Letter of Inquiry
Step 2: Full proposal (check website)
Required Attachments
Letter of Inquiry (LOI)
Organizational Budget
Board List
Form 990
Bios of Key Staff
Audited Financial Statement
Contact info
Daniel Doyle
(312) 646-0413
Review Criteria

Successful proposals will represent a synergy of as many of the following aims as possible: 

  • Promote personal health through widespread availability and consumption of healthy, affordable food;
  • Support mental wellness through individual and community engagement with the natural environment;
  • Grow the local agricultural economy, sustaining and creating new viable farm and farm-related businesses;
  • Develop, promote and scale innovative green practices that add productive value to farms while protecting the land for future generations; and,
  • Encourage community engagement and collaboration, policy development and research around agriculture and rural development.