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The Mayberg Foundation promotes Jewish wisdom and values, offering grants and programs with a focus on Jewish literacy, practice, and a vibrant, inclusive Jewish future.

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  • Entrepreneurial Philanthropy: We look for and create new approaches and ripe opportunities to strengthen the Jewish people. We take calculated risks and ask challenging questions, reinvigorating, rethinking and improving.
  • Foundational Judaism: We are deeply committed to initiatives that impact how future generations will sustain Jewish values, literacy, and practice. We believe that building real knowledge—deep understanding—of Judaism's foundational teachings will inspire, sustain, and grow the Jewish people.  
  • Connectedness: In today’s evolving Jewish world, we emphasize the connection between all Jewish people. We believe in building a vibrant and meaningful Judaism for all Jews that provides both inspiration and wisdom —regardless of how one identifies or practices.
  • Collective Effort: We work with partners who share our commitment to inspire, educate and strengthen Jewish individuals and communities. We often partner with other foundations and philanthropic families in order to deepen our thinking and in order to maximize impact. This collective approach extends to how we work with our beneficiaries as well. We recognize that our impact is only as great as the quality of the individuals and organizations doing the actual work. We work closely with beneficiaries to help them think more strategically and act more boldly. **  **


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