Midwest Climate & Energy Grant

From The McKnight Foundation

The McKnight Foundation's mission is to advance a more just, creative, and abundant future where people and planet thrive. They envision a world that recognizes the dignity of every human being, celebrates the creativity of the arts and sciences, and comes together to protect our one and only Earth.

Type of Support


The Midwest Climate & Energy program focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, at scale, as quickly as possible in the Midwest. Remaining steadfast to our pursuit of equity and justice bolstered by a healthy democracy, McKnight engages the communities and diverse viewpoints across public and private sectors in the region.

Organizations or their projects/programming must achieve one or more of the following strategies:

  • Transform the energy sector
  • Decarbonize transportation
  • Decarbonize buildings
  • Natural and working lands
  • Strengthen democratic participation


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
Government entities
Fiscally sponsored organizations
  • The Foundation may consider funding requests for efforts such as advocacy and education to inform the policies and administrative rules of executive, judicial, and administrative agencies; information-sharing that is neutral, nonpartisan, and fully descriptive of both sides of pending legislative issues; and policy research.
  • The Foundation generally will not fund activities that are traditionally the sole responsibility of the government.
  • Applicants must have a conversation or email exchange with Climate Program staff about their request before applying.


Scholarships or other types of assistance for individuals
Conferences, including attendance or travel
Discrete project development, construction, installation, and/or deployment costs (for example, materials, labor, etc.), such as for energy projects
Land purchase
Endowments and capital campaigns, except in rare cases
Activities that have a specific religious purpose
Lobbying prohibited by the Internal Revenue Code (attempts to influence specific pending or proposed legislation, including referenda, local ordinances, and resolutions)
not specified


You may submit applications every year.
Required Attachments
Organizational Budget
Project Budget
Contact info
Kelsey Johnson
(612) 333-4220