Social Equity Grant

From Morgan Family Foundation

The Morgan Family Foundation seeks a just society in which all individuals have ample opportunities to thrive and where outcomes are not determined by one’s heritage, physical characteristics, beliefs, residence, or inclusion in any particular group.

Type of Support


Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • preparing individuals from marginalized and at-risk populations to serve and lead the community
  • building healthy relationships among various societal groups
  • triggering bold, collaborative community projects that advance social equity


Organization's Location
Program Location
MN (St. Cloud)
Organization Type
Fiscally-sponsored organizations
Units of government


Make grants to individuals or for the benefit of pre-selected individuals
Provide funds to lobby legislation or influence public elections
Support animal rights or animal welfare causes
Promote any particular religious doctrine Serve as replacement funding for public programs
Finance medical research


Step 1: Letter of Inquiry
Application deadline
Deadline passed
Step 2: Full proposal (invite only)
Required Attachments
Audited Financial Statement
Organizational Budget
Project Budget
Board List
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