Otter Tail Corporation Grant

From Otter Tail Corporation Foundation

The Otter Tail Corporation Foundation supports community development, education, and health initiatives, primarily in areas where Otter Tail Corporation operates, fostering local betterment.

Grant uses


  • Health & Human Services – Initiatives and programs that help individuals and families struggling to meet the challenges of everyday living, including hunger, poverty, domestic violence, homelessness and disabilities.
  • Community, Civic and Cultural Development _– _Programs and projects that focus on economic and cultural development at the local, regional or statewide level, including efforts that increase awareness of culture and the arts and encourage their growth, particularly for regions or populations that would otherwise be unable to participate.
  • Education - Early childhood education initiatives and programs that primarily support schools of higher learning with special interest in curricula and capital improvements in the study of business, political science, economics, engineering and natural/physical sciences as they relate to the energy and industrial industries.
  • Environment - Programs that emphasize sustainability, preservation, environmental education and stewardship of our communities’ land, water and air with an emphasis on collaborative programs that strengthen ties between businesses and communities.


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
Public Charity
Public Nonprofit Educational Institution
Private Nonprofit Education Institution
Exempt Private Foundation
City, Country, Government Subdivision


Individual scholarships
Individual sponsorships related to fund-raising
Organizations that are not described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a public charity including, but not limited to: labor or veteran’s organizations, fraternal orders, social clubs, loans for small business, political organizations and political campaigns
Religious organizations when the contribution will be used for denominational or sectarian purposes
Debt reduction campaigns
Sports tournaments
Talent or beauty contests
not specified


Required Attachments
501(c)(3) Letter
Audited Financial Statement
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Bios of Key Staff