Community Grant

From Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation

The Butler Family Foundation seeks to foster safety, opportunity and growth for individuals and families by supporting effective nonprofit organizations in the arts, environment, and human services.

Type of Support


The Butler Family Foundation funds organizations working in the following fields:

  • Human Services organizations that:
    • Assist the most vulnerable members of our community, especially women and children.
    • The Foundation has special concern for victims of sexual exploitation and supports the principles of the Nordic Model, funding programs in the following five areas:
      • Prevention and intervention services for those experiencing domestic and family violence
      • Residential and community support for those with chemical addictions
      • Housing and services for those who are homeless or who lack safe, stable, and affordable housing
      • Holistic intervention and rehabilitative services for prostituted people, and those at risk of being prostituted, guided by the principles of the Nordic Model
      • Initiatives that promote public understanding of the Nordic Model principles

The Butler Family Foundation has supported the following organizations, but they are not of priority for the current grant round.

  • Arts organizations that:
    • Make the arts accessible to every resident of the Twin Cities, with a particular focus on multidisciplinary and visual arts
    • Make musical instrument instruction available to young people from low-income families
    • Create access to collections and programs of visual arts, natural history, and science museums for low-income and nontraditional audiences
  • Environmental organizations that:
    • Have programs in land protection and sustainable land use, water quality protection and improvement, and efforts which integrate land and water protection strategies.
    • Educate Minnesota's young people about the importance of land and water resources

The minimum grant amount projects and programming requests is $20,000. The minimum grant amount for general operating support requests is $30,000.


Organization's Location
Program Location
MN (St. Paul, Minneapolis, East Minnesota Metropolitan suburbs)
Organization Type
Organization Budget And Years
Organization's annual budget is at least 300k
  • Organizations applying for grants in the arts or human services must work in the urban cores of St. Paul or Minneapolis or in the East Metropolitan suburbs. Organizations applying for grants in the environment may work anywhere in Minnesota.
  • Projects and programs should have a minimum budget of $80,000.
not specified


Step 1: Letter of Inquiry
Application deadline
Deadline passed
Step 2: Full proposal (check website)
Required Attachments
Letter of Inquiry (LOI)
Project Budget
Organizational Budget
Contact info
Robert Hybben
(651) 222-2565 (ext. 110)