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Roundhouse Foundation focuses their work in and across four areas that are fundamental to thriving rural communities – Arts & Culture, Environmental Stewardship, Social Services and Education. They understand the interconnections of these focus areas and value opportunities that work at their intersections.

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Roundhouse Foundation focuses our work in and across four areas that are fundamental to thriving rural communities – Arts & Culture (including Historic Preservation), Education, Environmental Stewardship (including Sustainable Agriculture), and Social Services. We understand the interconnections of our focus areas and value opportunities that work at their intersections.

We are especially interested in opportunities that:

  • stimulate rural economies, foster economic resilience and/or advance efforts outside of traditional economies.
  • remove barriers to access services, whether real or perceived.
  • bring great, new ideas at a time when Foundation support can act as a catalyst.
  • engage and mobilize young people.
  • engage a mix of lived experiences at every level, including across generations.
  • celebrate rural landscapes.
  • support sustainable food production and distribution.
  • have the potential to leverage additional investment in rural Oregon.


Organization's Location
Program Location
OR (Rural Oregon)
Organization Type
Fiscally-sponsored organizations
Government entities (including special districts)
Tribal governments serving rural Oregon
  • If you are a fiscal agent applying on behalf of multiple organizations or projects, please communicate with a Roundhouse Foundation representative prior to applying.
  • If you are an organization without 501(c)3 status represented by a fiscal sponsor or other qualifying agent, please be sure to include applicable information for the fiscal agency representing your organization as requested in the application. Roundhouse Foundation may contact your fiscal sponsor to provide additional documentation and to confirm application authorization. 
  • If your proposal entails working directly with schools or youth-serving organizations, a letter(s) of support from those partners is required.
  • We do not fund capital requests for facility development or improvement through the Open Call process. However, program-aligned requests for infrastructure acquisition or enhancements (e.g., vehicles, coolers, software, or other equipment) can be considered in this process.
  • We encourage applicants interested in applying to our Open Call process to connect with a Roundhouse representative prior to submitting their proposal.


We rarely consider requests for/from:
Faith-based organizations, including regional YMCA and Habitat for Humanity branches
Endowments, or for multi-year commitments exceeding four (4) years
Private, independent, tuition-based or charter elementary or secondary schools
Organizations with a history of (or currently experiencing) intense public scrutiny, public litigation, or other activity that would jeopardize/conflict with the Mission or Values of the Roundhouse Foundation
We are unable to consider requests for/from:
Requests for propagandizing or for influencing legislation and elections
Individuals unauthorized to act on behalf of a qualified tax-exempt organizations
Individuals for their personal benefit
Loan, debt, or operational deficits of any kind
2.5k – 50k


You may submit applications every year. You may receive awards every year.
Required Attachments
Board List
Organizational Budget
Project Budget
Contact info
(541) 904-0700
PO Box 2078, Sisters, OR 97759
Review Criteria

We seek partners who:

  • demonstrate a broad network of community support.
  • advance one or more of our focus areas and understand how these areas are interconnected.
  • approach opportunities and challenges with innovation, creativity and collaborative spirit.
  • have clear goals and clear outcomes that advance work toward solutions.
  • demonstrate thoughtful planning.
  • demonstrate they are doing the work to develop and apply racial equity and DEI lenses to their work.
  • value community and believe strengthening community connections is foundational to their work.
  • demonstrate solid organizational stewardship.
  • want to engage with Roundhouse and those within our network as partners.