Community Giving Small Capital Grant

From The Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation

The Foundation's mission is to effect permanent positive change in the lives of individuals and families across Greater Boston, especially in economically disadvantaged communities. They invest in organizations that improve human health, raise educational attainment, increase economic security, and meet community needs.

Type of Support


Having deep roots in the Boston area, we are committed to responding to a wide range of community needs and to improving the quality of life for people of all ages. Grants are offered for one-time capital expenses that strengthen a nonprofit’s ability to serve its clients and achieve its mission. Requested items may include vehicles, furniture/equipment, technology, facility improvements, and other durable assets. 

Agencies working in any mission area may apply. Organizations focused on human services, youth development, or economic mobility have historically had higher funding rates.


Organization's Location
Program Location
USA, with preference for MA (Greater Boston Area - roughly defined as within Route 128, Eastern Massachusetts Gateway Cities of Brockton, Chelsea, Fall River, Lawrence, Lowell, Lynn, New Bedford)
Organization Type
Fiscally-sponsored organizations
Organization Budget And Years
Organization's annual budget is less than 5M
  • Agencies must have an annual operating budgets of approximately $5 million or less. Preference is given to agencies with operating budgets under $3 million.
  • Preference is given to agencies working in lower-income communities.
  • Potential applicants are also encouraged to contact us before submitting an application to determine whether your organization and proposed project are eligible for consideration.


Endowments or private foundations
Religious organizations where the grant is used for sectarian purposes
Political campaigns
Projects that have already started or been completed (i.e. seeking retroactive funding)
Requests for funding for undesignated contributions to larger capital campaigns, program support, staff salaries or other administrative costs, website or mobile application development, annual software licenses, service or support plans, warranties, insurance, fuel or maintenance for vehicles
Contingency fees
10k – 50k


Required Attachments
Project Budget
Contact info
Faouzi Talabi
Review Criteria

What makes a strong proposal:

  • Your organization and the project address a well-defined need for a specific group of people that aligns with our mission.
  • The project, when completed, will deepen your impact or grow the number of clients you can serve.
  • The project is innovative, well-thought-out and ready to implement so it can be completed in a reasonable period of time (generally within one year).
  • Your organization has strong and creative leadership and can point to significant accomplishments.
  • It includes an explanation of any external context in your community or field that is impacting your organization or your need for this project.
  • Your organization is in a position to manage, maintain, staff or otherwise well-use the asset(s), if funded.
  • Please note: single, coherent, high-impact projects tend to compete more favorably than requests for a variety of unrelated items. Also, the requested grant must cover the entire cost of the proposed capital project.