Children, Youth & Families Program

From The Sudbury Foundation

The Sudbury Foundation is a private foundation working to transform lives and strengthen communities through grant making and scholarship programs in Sudbury, MA and surrounding communities.

Grant uses


CY&F grants are designed to help young people realize their full potential and become caring, productive citizens. The focus is on underserved youth who face economic and/or personal barriers to success.

We are offering two CY&F grant tracks this spring. Both tracks are open to organizations focused on youth in our geographic catchment area.

  • Capacity Building: To strengthen an organization’s core capacities.
  • Youth Emotional Well-Being: To develop new or expanded programs and resources that enhance emotional health supports for children of all ages.


Organization's Location
Program Location
MA (Sudbury)
Organization Type
not specified


Step 1: Pre-proposal
Application deadline
Mar 1
Step 2: Full proposal (check website)