Festivals & Fairs Grant

From VegFund

VegFund empowers vegan advocates worldwide through grant funding and supporting effective outreach that inspires people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle.

Type of Support


Vegfests and other public festivals and celebrations are a growing international phenomenon fueled by the energy of vegan activists. These plant-powered events draw veg and non-veg enthusiasts alike for exposure to vegan foods and lifestyle choices.

A VegFund grant may reimburse you for the cost of a space at a public festival, street fair, or other public venue to hold a vegfest. VegFund encourages event organizers to find venues that are easily accessible to the public. If you’re renting a booth at a large event, VegFund will reimburse those fees as well. VegFund may reimburse you for the cost of a virtual classroom license for virtual events (example: Zoom). VegFund will cover the cost of purchasing and printing literature. VegFund will consider covering marketing expenses aimed at increasing the attendance for a given project. These expenses may include social media ads (example: Facebook) and flyers or radio advertisements. Grants are awarded retroactively/as event reimbursements.


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
  • Project proposed for funding must be 100% vegan and devoid of any animal exploitation, and the message must be focused on promoting veganism or plant-based living.
  • Project must have at least one vegan organizer who can act as a “vegan ambassador” on behalf of other vegans.
  • Approval of marketing expenses will depend on the number of individuals you project to reach and how targeted your marketing plan appears. Quotes or estimates should be presented, if available.
  • Ads or videos that promote illegal activities are prohibited.
  • International applicants must establish a PayPal account before applying for a grant.


VegFund reserves the right to withhold reimbursement for the following items: alcohol, non-vegan foods (food or ingredients that are not readily available for purchase in your area), water or other beverages that are vegan by default (e.g. soda, coffee, tea, juice), gratuities, food/stipends/other incentives for volunteers
Events that take place in private homes
Honorariums or fees for speakers/speakers' lodging or other travel expenses
Film or documentary production expenses
With some exceptions, VegFund also does not fund full meals for events or event attendees
With some exceptions for contracted services, VegFund does not reimburse for wages for grants that are awarded to individuals
Individual applicants who are are not 18 years of age or older
Applicants who are not vegan or plant-based (some exceptions made for non-vegan individuals hosting VegFund-approved film screenings or non-vegans partnering with vegans to host an event that aims to reach a mostly non-vegan audience).
not specified


Review Criteria

When evaluating, reviewers will consider the following questions, among others:

  • Does the applicant have a defined plan in place to carry out the project?
  • Is there a clear, itemized budget?
  • Is there a specific start date and end date?
  • For larger projects and events, is there a team in place, or is this a one-person-show?
  • Does the project target a non-vegan audience?
  • Does the project target a specific non-vegan audience, and is that audience well-defined?
  • Does the applicant provide evidence for targeting these audiences?
  • Does the project deliver a compelling vegan message?
  • Does the applicant present clearly defined goals for the project?
  • Is there a communications plan, if needed?
  • Is there a clear plan for evaluating event/activity effectiveness?