Community Progress Fund

From Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation

The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation (ZSR) is committed to improving the quality of life for all North Carolinians. We do this primarily through grantmaking and capacity-building programs.

Grant uses


The Community Progress Fund provides an infusion of short-term funding for organizations to test ideas, expand promising efforts and achieve greater impact in their communities. Grants are meant to help groups build on existing momentum to move an issue, organization, idea or project forward. Through the process, ZSR wants to learn how applicants define “progress” and how short-term funding will help them make that progress. The criteria for this program are intentionally broad so that we can be responsive to organizations’ diverse needs. 

Preference is given to: 

  • Proposals from areas of the state that have relatively higher needs with fewer resources
  • Proposals that have the greatest potential to impact a community with the $20,000-$30,000 grant award(s)
  • Proposals that demonstrate strong potential for “progress”  ZSR strongly encourages proposals from organizations that are led by and primarily serve people of color.


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
Fiscally-sponsored organizations
Government or religious entities

Community Progress Fund grant recipients are required to:

  • Begin implementation of a proposal or idea immediately upon award of the grant
  • Have a proposal or idea that aligns with ZSR's core values. ZSR’s core values call for a commitment to Stewardship, Integrity, and Excellence, and could be embodied through one or more of the following values: Fairness and Justice, Dignity and Equity, Civic Participation, Sustainability, or Collaboration. 


Athletic events or teams
Stand-alone, one-time or annual conferences, seminars, or symposiums
Curriculum development
Emergency medical service organizations
Endowment funds
Equipment or furniture purchases
Fundraising events
Initiatives promoting religious education or doctrine
Land easements
Medical research
Operating expenses for schools
Payments of debts
Private business ventures
Private or charter K-12 schools
Summer camps
Volunteer fire departments
Voter registration
20k – 30k


You may receive awards every 24 months.
Required Attachments
Organizational Budget
Project Budget
501(c)(3) Letter
Contact info
Beth Priddy
(743) 333-4022