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Coffee Donation Request

Find out which of your favorite roasters accepts coffee donation requests.

Looking for a high-quality raffle item or beverage donation for your next event? TheShareWay has compiled a list of coffee companies to which you can submit coffee donation requests. We’ve made sure to include a variety of brands to make your search easier, from global café chains like Starbucks Coffee to smaller, specialty roasters like Stumptown Coffee. Simply click on the hyperlinks of companies in our list to be directed to a page with donation request forms or philanthropic information. Read on to learn more about companies that could supply coffee to your next event and your options for submitting coffee donation requests.

Coffee Company Donation Programs and other Philanthropic Efforts

1. Starbucks Coffee Donation Request

Starbucks does not currently accept in-kind coffee donation requests. Their charitable giving—facilitated by The Starbucks Foundation—is instead focused on grants to local communities. Grants are focused on providing funding to projects that strengthen coffee, tea, and cocoa-producing communities. Such projects include microcredit initiatives, biodiversity conservation, sanitation projects, education, and agricultural training programs. Grants also go towards nonprofit organizations that employees are passionate about supporting.

2. Dutch Bros Donation Request

Coffee donation requests for Dutch Bros Coffee products must be recorded on a form on the Dutch Bros site, which should be printed and submitted to the Dutch Bros location nearest to you. While they won’t accept requests for monetary donations, you may request any “product-related” items from Dutch Bros; we suggest requesting roasted coffee, a Dutch Bros gift card, or the stainless steel and ceramic drinkware offerings from the Dutch Bros shop site.

3. Keurig Green Mountain Donation Request

The Keurig Dr Pepper brand that produces Keurig Green Mountain no longer accepts unsolicited coffee donation requests. Instead, they have initiated their own social good programs and partnered with select nonprofits like the Boys & Girls Club of America. They focus on funding playgrounds and supplying sports equipment, contributing nearly $40 million towards these youth causes as part of their Let’s Play initiative. They have also supported disaster relief causes and frontline workers with beverage donations.

4. Peet's Coffee Donation Request

Coffee donation requests can be submitted to Peet’s Coffee by sending a letter of request to the manager of your local Peet’s store; Peet’s has locations in 17 states, including AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, MI, MN, NV, NY, OR, PA, TN, TX, VA, WA. They offer brewed and ground coffee and tea, as well as gift certificates for silent auctions, coupons, and other Peet’s merchandise. Peet’s Coffee accepts requests for these items from local schools and nonprofit organizations.

5. Stumptown Coffee Donation Request

Stumptown Coffee does not accept donation requests, but they do offer bulk pricing of their coffee beans and cold brew for special occasions and events. The certified BCorp promotes sustainability with direct trade partnerships with coffee producers and new waste, water, and energy reduction programs in their facilities.

6. Folgers Coffee Donation Request

Coffee donation requests for Folgers Coffee must go through their parent company, The J.M. Smucker Company. By submitting an online form on the J.M. Smucker Co. site, it is possible to request donations of Folgers coffee products. They prioritize organizations who serve communities where J.M. Smucker offices and facilities are located; this includes Decateur (AL), Chico and Oxnard (CA), Longmont (CO), Eastern Kansas (KS), Scottsville & Lexington (KY), New Orleans (LA), Havre de Grace (MD), Buffalo (NY), OH, PA, Memphis (TN), Suffolk (VA), Grandview and Seattle (WA), and Ripon (WI). They prefer to donate to registered nonprofits that align with their three key values: thriving families and kids, pets and people thriving together, and thriving communities and planet.

7. La Colombe Donation Request

La Colombe offers two forms on their website for coffee donation requests, one for 501c3 nonprofits and another for those without a tax ID number. La Colombe offers roasted coffee products to qualifying nonprofits, and will ship donations anywhere in the United States. They prefer to donate to groups that align with their values of environmental and social good, which include advocating for equity, empowering our communities, and caring for the planet.

8. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Donation Request

Although the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf no longer accepts coffee donation requests, they have continued their philanthropy by supporting Los Angeles schools. They have provided funding for school renovations, art classes, and other projects to support young students. On a global scale, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has invested in sustainable farmer training and supporting growers with loans, schools, and free healthcare.

9. Philz Coffee Donation Request

Donation requests for Philz Coffee can be made by contacting the Store Leader of your local Philz Coffee, which you can find in CA, DC, and Chicago (IL). Philz accepts requests for donations of coffee beans.


Of the some of the most popular coffee companies, coffee donation requests are accepted by Peet’s Coffee, Folgers Coffee, La Colombe, Philz Coffee, and Dutch Bros. Whether you’re looking for brewed coffee drinks, roasted coffee, drinkware, or coffee-related merchandise for your event, we hope we’ve helped you narrow your search to companies that accept requests for in-kind coffee products.

Although some of the companies on this page have explicitly stated that they don't donate in-kind products, it's possible that local stores operate differently. It never hurts to call your local store to double check. Also, many local coffee shops not featured on this list will also donate to local nonprofits; if you have a favorite neighborhood coffee shop, it doesn't hurt to make a call to inquire if they donate.

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