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Discover Kohl's philanthropic programs and enhance your nonprofit's fundraising strategy with our Kohl’s donation request guide.

Are you a nonprofit looking to partner with retail giants like Kohl's for donations or fundraising support? Understanding how Kohl's and other retailers contribute to charitable causes can be beneficial for your fundraising and community engagement strategies. Here's what you need to know about Kohl’s donation programs and other retailers' charitable efforts.

Does Kohl's donate to nonprofits?

Kohl’s itself does not directly accept donation requests; however, the company facilitates substantial charitable efforts through its Kohl's Volunteer Program. This initiative allows Kohl’s associates to volunteer at eligible nonprofits, where their efforts lead to financial donations from Kohl’s. For every hour a Kohl’s associate volunteers, the company donates $25 to the associated organization. Since its inception in 2001, this program has led to more than $190 million in donations, demonstrating Kohl’s commitment to making a significant impact through volunteerism.

How can nonprofits fundraise with Kohl's gift cards?

An innovative way for nonprofits to fundraise is through the Kohl's Fundraising Gift Cards program. Eligible 501(c)(3) organizations can purchase these gift cards at a discount and then sell them at face value. The difference between the purchase price and the selling price is kept by the nonprofit as a donation. This program has been quite successful, with more than 12,500 organizations raising over $42 million since 2000. It offers a straightforward and effective method for nonprofits to generate additional funds.

Nonprofits interested in applying for the Kohl's Cares® Fundraising Gift Cards program can find more information and initiate the application process by visiting Kohl's Corporate Responsibility page. This resource provides detailed guidance on how to get started and leverage this fundraising opportunity.

How else does Kohl's give back to the community?

Beyond its volunteer and fundraising programs, Kohl's actively participates in broader community support through various initiatives. One key effort is the Kohl's Cares Goods for Good program, which sells children’s books and toys and donates 100% of the net profit to nonprofits that focus on health and wellness for families. Since its start, this program has raised over $415 million. Furthermore, Kohl's national partnerships with organizations like the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and NAMI exemplify its dedication to fostering physical and emotional well-being across communities.

What companies like Kohl's donate to nonprofits?

While Kohl’s offers unique ways to support nonprofits, other clothing retail companies also engage in charitable giving. For example:

Final Thoughts

Although it’s not possible to directly submit a Kohl’s donation request, the company’s multifaceted approach to philanthropy—from the volunteer program to fundraising gift cards—offers nonprofits numerous opportunities for support and partnership. Should you need direct assistance or specific types of donations, other clothing retailers might just have what you’re looking for. As you explore these varied opportunities, we wish you the utmost success in funding your initiatives and expanding your impact in the community. Happy fundraising!

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