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New York Raffle Prize Ideas for Your Next Fundraiser

Raffle prize ideas from NYC companies that donate

Previously we shared a list of San Francisco Raffle Prize Ideas as part of our Raffle Ideas Series. In this second installation of the series, we’ll be highlighting raffle prizes that you can source in New York City. Whether you’re finding prizes for a charity event or school fundraiser, there are plenty of New York companies that donate raffle prizes to nonprofits.

Idea #1: Locally-produced alcohol

Alcohol is always a crowd pleaser at fundraising events. Raffle off wine and spirits from the following businesses:
  • Craft beer from Bronx Brewery
    • This brewery’s mission is to cultivate an inclusive beer community through The Bronx’s values—creativity and resiliency. Bronx Brewery is avid about giving back to their local community and will donate their award-winning beer to nonprofits based in New York.
    • Bronx Brewery donation request page

  • Wine and wine experiences from Brooklyn Brewery
    • Brooklyn Brewery is a microbrewery with tastings & tours that offer an inside look at the creation process. In addition to their award-winning Brooklyn Lager, they also make unique IPAs and hard seltzers.
    • Brooklyn Brewery donation request page

  • Wine from Del Vino Vineyards
    • Del Vino Vineyards' renowned winemaking process has been passed down for the last 100 years. While their unique recipes originate from Italy, their sprawling vineyards are located in New York.
    • Del Vino Vineyards donation request page

Idea #2: Baked goods from world-renowned bakeries

NYC is home to many world-famous bakeries. These businesses can donate items to make up a raffle basket of classically New York baked goods:
  • Inventive cookies from Schmackary’s:
    • This Manhattan-based shop has been baking wildly imaginative cookies for the past decade. Schmackary’s will donate cookies that you can package into beautiful dessert baskets for your raffle.
    • Schmackary’s donation request page

  • Extravagant cakes from Lady M
    • Lady M’s first boutique café opened on NYC’s Upper East Side. You can request cakes or dessert, gift certificates, or a monetary contribution. Be sure to try their signature mille feuille cake!
    • Lady M donation request page

  • Trendy treats from Milk Bar
    • Milk Bar’s desserts are childhood favorites reimagined. They will donate desserts like their Crack Pie, Birthday Cake, and truffles.
    • Milk Bar donation request page

Idea #3: Tickets to Sport Games

Sports tickets make great raffle prizes for dads, kids, or the whole family. Nonprofits can get game tickets for the following teams:

If you’re hosting a nonprofit gala in New York, there is no shortage of raffle prize donation options from companies in your area. Check out the other posts in this series for raffle prize ideas for all occasions. Head over to TheShareWay for a full list of New York-based companies that donate to nonprofits.

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