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San Francisco Bay Area Raffle Prize Ideas for your Next Fundraiser

Unique, thoughtful raffle prizes from organizations based in the San Francisco Bay Area

We're starting off 2020 with a new blog series - raffle prize ideas! Raffles are foundational events for nonprofit galas, and getting raffle prize donations for your next fundraiser has never been easier.

First in this series will spotlight raffle prizes that you can source in the San Francisco Bay Area. This list complements a previous post highlighting some awesome Bay Area-based companies that donate to nonprofits.

Idea #1: 'Taste of SF' Sweets Basket

Group together small raffle prizes into larger, themed gift baskets. Assemble these raffle items to make a sampler of SF Bay Area sweets:
  • Chocolate tasting experience or private factory tour at Dandelion Chocolate
    • Dandelion Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory that can donate chocolate bars, gift cards, and private factory tours.
    • Request a donation from Dandelion Chocolate

  • Chocolates from Ghirardelli
    • The iconic chocolatier has a long history in San Francisco's Marina area. While they will donate chocolates to a wide range of causes, they do favor nonprofits based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    • Request a donation from Ghirardelli

Idea #2: "Experiences over Things"

"Experiences" as raffle prizes tend to be crowd pleasers. Your attendees will think about the monetary value of the experience, sure. But - they will also think about the priceless value of experiencing a new activity with loved ones, and photographing the memories for years to come (or just for their Instagram feed):
  • Sailing tours with Adventure Cat Sailing Charters
    • Sail across the San Francisco Bay - even locals will enjoy viewing iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz from this seaside perspective.
    • Request a donation from Adventure Cat Sailing Charters

  • Forest tours with Sonoma Canopy Tours
    • Fly through crisp air above picturesque treetops. Tours include walking through sky bridges and ziplining. These redwoods are just outside of San Francisco, but they have roots in the Bay Area.
    • Request a donation from Sonoma Canopy Tours

Idea #3: Safari Staycation

Animal and science-related raffle prizes are not only family-friendly, but also great for adventurous couples.
  • Tickets to the Exploratorium
    • An educational experience with hundreds of exhibits for all ages. The Exploratorium will donate general admission tickets to nonprofits that directly benefit children’s education.
    • Request a donation from the Exploratorium

  • Tickets to San Francisco Zoo
    • The SF Zoo will donate general admission tickets so that you can see red panda feedings, take stroll steamy strolls through the Tropical Rainforest, and encounter new animal exhibits.
    • Request a donation from the San Francisco Zoo

  • Tickets to Bay Area Discovery Museum
    • Bay Area Discovery Museum is a hidden gem - an expansive playground with research-based STEM and art experiences for children (and curious adults!). BADM regularly donates admission passes for a variety of causes and nonprofits.
    • Request a donation from Bay Area Discovery Museum

For a more comprehensive list of companies that donate raffle items to nonprofits, visit TheShareWay. Stay tuned for the rest of our raffle series!

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