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5 Summer Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits and School Clubs

Discover 5 fun summer fundraising ideas for nonprofits and school clubs. Engage your community and raise essential funds with these creative events!

Ah, summer! The season of sunshine, ice cream trucks, and... fundraising? Yep, you heard that right. While everyone is out soaking up the sun and enjoying the long days, it’s also the perfect time to spice up your summer fundraising efforts. With the warm weather and laid-back vibes, you have a fantastic opportunity to host events that bring people together and raise essential funds for your cause.

Ready to make a splash? Here are 5 summer fundraising ideas that will ensure your school or nonprofit gets the funding it deserves.

1. Dodgeball Tournament


Remember the thrill of dodging those rubber balls in gym class, only for it to hit you in the face when least expected? Good times.

Now, you can bring back the nostalgia and the excitement with a lively dodgeball tournament at your local park or gymnasium. Teams can battle it out in this fast-paced, fun game where ducking, diving, and dramatic eliminations are the name of the game.

Here’s the plan: Participants form teams and pay an entry fee for the chance to be crowned dodgeball champions. To keep the energy high and the spectators happy, sell refreshments like lemonade, popcorn, and hot dogs. You can even offer themed merchandise—think custom t-shirts or water bottles with your school or nonprofit's logo.

At the end, offer a prize to the winning team in the form of a trophy, medals, or even a fun gift basket filled with summer goodies.

2. Water Balloon Fight


Nothing says summer more than a full-fledged water balloon fight! This is a fantastic summer fundraising idea, especially if you are trying to raise funds for a school or college society. Everyone will appreciate the opportunity to get outside, have fun, and cool down on a hot summer day.

Charge an event admission fee or sell water balloons for a small price. The fun and excitement will keep everyone engaged while raising money for your cause. And don’t forget to feed your participants and spectators with a variety of tasty treats!

3. Open-Air Movie Screening


An event perfect for all ages. Transform your local park or school field into a magical open-air cinema for the night! Cozy blankets spread out on the grass, twinkling stars overhead, and the excitement of watching your favorite family-friendly movies on a big screen. Charge a small admission fee, and don’t forget to enhance the experience by selling all the classic movie snacks—popcorn, candy, and ice-cold drinks.

4. Swim-a-Thon


This fundraising idea for the summer is a wave of a good time. Host a swim-a-thon at your local pool (preferably outdoor) where swimmers of all ages and abilities can raise funds by gathering pledges for each lap they complete.

It’s a fun and active way to get the community involved while supporting your school or nonprofit. Swimmers can ask family, friends, neighbors, or even local businesses to pledge a certain amount per lap or make a flat donation.

5. Summer Excursions with BBQ


A memorable summer always includes some kind of camping, hiking, or beach day—complete with a delicious BBQ. That’s exactly what this summer fundraising idea is all about.

Gather a group or host an event, choose an outdoor location, make it fun with activities and games, and let the memory-making begin. These outings provide a wonderful opportunity for people to connect with nature, enjoy delicious food, and support a good cause all at once.

Bonus: 2 More Summer Fundraising Ideas!

For even more inspiration, we’re sharing 2 additional summer fundraising ideas! A charity golf tournament is a great option for anyone wanting to capitalize on the sunny weather and host an event outdoors. Or, since it is the season for backyard grilling and poolside parties, a meat raffle is another excellent choice for summer.

For a comprehensive guide to planning either of these fundraisers, check our blog posts on charity golf tournaments and meat raffles.

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With these five exciting and engaging summer fundraising ideas, your school or nonprofit is set to create unforgettable events that bring the community together and raise the funds you need.

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