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Chipotle is an American restaurant chain that serves a simple menu of Mexican-inspired foods. They are known for their "build-your-own-meal" restaurant model.
Donates in:All states except AK and HI

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Gift card (apply online), food (apply in-person)


501c3 · 42 day notice · Children, Education, Environment & Sustainability
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User rating
Easy application process . Took awhile for them to get back with us. We received $25 in gift cards. Thank you Chipotle for your generous donation!
AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Post 99 Vandalia OH
This was an easy application and they responded back fast, thank you!
Sheryl's BreastFest
simple & easy process! responded in 4 weeks!
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
very quick and kind response. Thanks so much for your suport!
Applied yesterday. Got email today saying a gift card was in mail. Thank you Shareway!
I 80 Cosmopolitan Club
Quick easy process and received 2 gift cards via mail in a very quick turnaround time.
Sustainable Renton
Quick and Easy. Dinner for 4 vouchers received by mail.
2 End The Stigma
Quick & easy! Donated 4 entrée gift cards! Thank you!
Ms. Berry Cares Foundation
Very easy and simple to file for a donation, and very quick response from Chipotle - thank you so much!
The Renaissance Foundation
Very fast response! Donate to our PTSA 2 Dinner for Two gift cards $50 each
Duluth High PTSA
very easy process. Decision made within 1 week. 2 x $25 giftcards.
It was a easy process. Got them in the mail
Very quick response. Sent us 2 gift cards. :)
LabAdore Retrievers Rescue, Inc.
Approved real quick and gave us 2 gift cards of $50 dinner for two
Excellent response, within 2 weeks of applying received a donation.
Received an email stating our public K-12 school didn't qualify for gift cards. The event is for our school auction. Bummed!
Amazing - just when I thought they forgot - I checked the mail and GUESS what we received 2 meal cards for our next fundraiser! Thank you so much
Easy and fast response!
Prompt and generous response.
Operation Wakulla, Inc.
They responded within two weeks and received the gift cards shortly after.
Pillars of Hope Inc
Very eash
Easy to apply and quick response!
Wow, so easy to apply and quick response. Wonderful company!
Submitted my request for gift cards, received email a couple of weeks later approved. Still waiting on gift cards.
Charlie E & Minnie P Hendrix Foundation
Incredibly fast response. Received about two weeks out from applying.
Pillars of Hope Inc
Our event received 2 $25 dinner-for-two gift cards. Very easy to submit for donation. Grateful to Chipotle for their donation.
They have been very helpful
They were very fast responding! Graciously offered 2 $25 gift cards! YEAH!
Canine Guardians Assistance Dogs
Very easy and quick to respond.
Very easy to apply
Young Afro-Excellence
They notified me by email to let me know that I would receive 2 gift cards totaling $50. Very nice and professional.
Wonderful surprise! Very generous donation. Tagged Chipotle on all our social media outlets. I hope someone from the company sees our tags. Just overall Super nice!!!!
Pennsylvania Equine Rescue & Retirement Fund
Chipotle was very quick in their response and received the donation quickly
Chipotle was fabulous! It took about 3 weeks to get our gift cards. They were very gracious and quick to respond. We received 2 Gift cards for $25 each
Triad School of Ministry
Quick and easy online application. Received gift certificates in the mail very shortly after submitting the application. Simple and would do again.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County
Very easy to send a request and a reply was sent via email with a gift card valued at 50$ each for our event. We are very thankful!
Jarrell Community Library
They sent a couple of vouchers for dinner for two, and they came quickly.
Simple and fast form. Donation came in a timely anger. MAYBE 2 to 3 weeks.
Love Is What Love Does
Very Generous, mailing gift cards
Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund
Completed online donation request and received an approved decision via email in two weeks.
Isaiah 117 House Lynchburg
Quick and easy process to apply for a donation. We received confirmation quickly, and items arrived about a week later! Thanks Chipotle!
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County
Very smooth process
Donor was super responsive and sent the donation right to us!
Easy and quick response time!
St. Andrews Day School
Quick, easy and very kind donation to our cause
fast, easy, and generous
Family Promise of Washington County
Easy, emailed them and they sent gift cards.
very simple & easy process! Received 2 gift cards
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
Quick to respond good company to work with
Warriors Wangling Walleye
Super easy to work with
Really fast and thoughtful donation.
Hyacinth Foundation
Quick response and very generous.
Fast delivery.
Asher Holmes PTA
This is the first time
Lincoln Ave Pta
Awesome donation.
Good communication. Did not provide donation stated that GC expire at end of year and would not have tome to use them
Very easy to work with, fast response
Easy application and quick response.
They quickly declined our request for a gift card.
Chipotle was easy to work with. Simple application with support documentation and they mailed us an in-kind donation.
Team A.Maise, Inc.
Very easy process and fast response time!
WLL Enterprises
Easy to apply. I received 2 gift cards
Conquer Chiari
Apply! They're very generous with gift cards
We R Listening
Did not get approval, but was extremely quick in responding. Suggested I check back for the next year.
Provo High