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Constellation Brands is an international producer and marketer of beer, wine, and spirits, known for its premium brands and commitment to quality and innovation.

What they donate

Alcoholic beverages

Who they donate to

Prioritizes organizations that model responsible water stewardship, champion the professional development and advancement of women, serve as a catalyst for economic development and prosperity for disadvantaged communities, with a focus on Hispanic and Black communities in the areas of housing empowerment, job creation and training, and financial literacy, and foster a culture of conscious consumption within our company and the beverage alcohol industry.
501(c)(3) required
Political causes or candidates; Requests benefitting individuals or private causes; Clubs or Associations such as Little League, PTO/PTA, etc.; Crowdfunding sites (i.e. GoFundMe, etc.); Golf tournaments, entertainment, commercial, or professional sports sponsorships
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