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Donating in Los Angeles (CA)
Greenbar Distillery makes the world’s largest portfolio of delicious, organic spirits. It is run by a husband-and-wife team and based in the Arts District of downtown LA.

What they donate

Signature Cocktail Creation Support, Limited Bottle(s), Gift Pack(s), Discounted Class(es)
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Who they donate to

501(c)(3) preferred
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Ashe Arts & STEM
November 2022·Declined
I found Greenbar Distillery donation page doing my own Google search a month ago. They responded with a NO immediately. (with little to no explanation as to why the response was no) Now that would have been fine, but they also make this claim on their website: "Regardless of whether or not a donation is possible, California 501(c)3s have the opportunity to purchase spirits at a reduced non-profit rate (20% off SRP)." When I followed up with them on the discounted purchase (via phone SNAIL MAIL and email) I got NO RESPONSE! So a board member and I decided to visit the distillery in person with the idea that maybe we'd have better luck speaking to someone in person. I paid for a tasting/tour for the two of us and at the end of the tour I inquired with the manager about the 20% discount for 501(c)3s mentioned on their website. She was nice and sent and email to the owner (copying me) to inquire. The owner responded that while we could purchase SOME of their non-alcoholic products, that "California law" prohibited them from selling alcoholic products directly to ANYONE including 501(c)3s. So this statement on their website is either a false statement or the owner made a false statement to me. Either way is not a good look. Our board has decided that the company is unethical in it's dealings with non-profits and not a company we would want to associate our non-profit's name with. (tiny as we are, our reputation and name are important to us) We found other breweries and distilleries who are much more honest in their dealings with us and we will move accordingly with them. Your mileage might vary, and if it does kudos to you. Greenbar however, gets a full thumbs down from us.