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Knit Picks is a retailer of quality yarn and needles for all types of knitting crafts. They are passionate about ethical sourcing and providing affordable materials.
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Educational knitting materials, knitting products, product auction baskets


501c3 · Art & Culture, Local Community
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They sent us an e-mail that they are reevaluating their donation program and are unable to donate at this time.
St. John's PTO
I received an email to let me know that they would be sending me a donation. I have not gotten the donation yet.
I have now received two donations from them- so easy and fast
Katz JCC
They wrote that their funds were already committed. It took a long time to hear back. But I appreciate that they did send a reply.
Knit Picks sent a great kit with everything needed to get started. Very generous donation and shipped very quickly. Definitely recommend.
They sent a generous donation for a "Get Creative" Silent Raffle basket (knitting needles, yarn, and pattern). I applied early and they sent the donation about 6 weeks before the event.
awesome donation received from Knit Picks! Very smooth -applied and a few weeks later I received an awesome variety of knitting items-so very thankful-very generous of you!!! We appreciate it! This will make a big hit on our Tricky Tray Raffle! Thanks again!
Notre Dame of Bethlehem Church/School
Wonderful item that was popular in our silent auction.
The Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida
Never received a response or donation
Just sent along exactly what I asked for, plus more! I didn't even know it was coming, but it was a lovely surprise. We got the beginner blanket kit, plus knitting needles & a tote bag!
Housing Forward
So easy to work with. Very pleased with the donation. It was a knitters dream💗
Cornerstone Baptist Church
Used their online form and a box arrived at the post office with a nice selection for a basket of knitting items
Mission Centers of Houston
fast response very generous
Fraternal Order of Eagles # 74/ Fisher House Foundation
Thrilled to receive a gift basket with so many awesome items! We got a good bid. Thanks, Knit Picks!
Southeast Kansas Humane Society
I submitted the application and it was approved with several items for a gift basket. Great quality items too!
Awesome! They sent us great items. It was a generous donation. Thank You so much!
Castle of Dreams Animal Rescue
The turnaround time was fantastic! I filled out the donation form on their website on November 3, and the donation showed up at my door on November 11. This is such a quality donation!
Pittsburgh Metsquerade
Great - Item arrived in the mail. Did not know they were sending it - but thankful.
Transplant Community Alliance
Just loveley! The beautiful yarn, introductory sewing kit, instructional book and eco-friendly bag made for a fantastic and popular auction item.
Completed a very simple application and received a lovely knitting bag & knitting items, including beautiful yarn. Was a huge hit at our silent auction and very much appreciated!
Big Sur Charter School
The application process was simple, and a few weeks later we received a box with instruction books and materials. It will make a great auction item for our event!
We sent Knit Picks an email asking for a gift in kind donation for a non-profit raffle for our library. We explained how their company fits with several of our outreach programs and how the donation would be used. Within three weeks we received a box in the mail of donated goods. It was an extremely generous donation that filled a full raffle basket.
Womelsdorf Community Library
Quick and easy online application. A couple weeks later a box of carefully curated items (enough to make up a silent auction basket) showed up at my office. Would definitely apply again.
We recommend applying for a donation from Knit Picks. They donated a nice box of Quality Knitting materials that could easily be turned into a raffle basket. The application process was easy and only took a few minutes. Overall, we would love to receive future donations from Knit Picks, if they would be willing to donate to our organization Team A.Maise again.
Team A.Maise