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LEGO is passionate about creating toys and crafts for children and adults alike. They are most well-known for their lego building kits, but also sell LEGO-brand accessories, clothing, and homewares.

What they donate

LEGO toy play set(s)

Who they donate to

Support organizations that focus on play and child development
Raffle prizes for various events such as tombola, lottery, silent auction and similar; Prizes at sundry sports arrangements; Ordinary public or private schools or school projects; Waiting rooms at general practitioners; Private individuals of poor financial standing; Sponsorships; Playrooms at churches and day minders; Christmas parties, Summer parties/town fairs; Unaccompanied shipments to addresses far away; Play rooms at sundry airports/car dealers; Summer camps; Rotary exchange students; Teambuilding in various non-LEGO companies; Student/teachers travelling to visit educational institutions; Museums or other cultural institutions; Study trips
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Dup15q Alliance
June 2023·Declined
Received an auto generated email saying they did not provide donations for silent auctions (my request). The below info may help prior to submitting your request. Response time may be between 4-6 weeks. However, please note that we do not support below inquiries. Therefore, you will not hear back from us if your request is not approved. -Raffle prizes for various events such as tombola, lottery, silent auction and similar -Prizes at sundry sports arrangements -Ordinary public or private schools – after-school centers - kindergartens -School projects -Waiting rooms at general practitioners -Private individuals of poor financial standing -Any type of sponsorships -Playrooms at churches and day minders -Christmas parties, Summer parties / town fairs -Unaccompanied shipments to addresses far away -Play rooms at sundry airports / car dealers -Summer camps -Rotary exchange students -Teambuilding in various non-LEGO companies -Student/ teachers travelling to visit educational institutions (ex: Schools etc.) -Museums or other cultural institutions -Study trips in general -Lending of LEGO bricks (e.g. libraries / schools / festivals) -Goodie bags, discounts and vouchers
April 2023·Declined
Received a prompt denial