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Let's Roam is an exciting app-led game that allows you to explore the world with your friends and family by completing challenges. Their scavenger hunt games give people the tools to interpret their surroundings and build lasting relationships.
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Donation Prize Pack (2 Family Scavenger Hunt Six Pack; 1 Adventures From Scratch: Family Edition Book; 1 Adventures From Scratch: Date Edition Book; 2 Date Night Scavenger Hunt Two Pack)
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Amazing donation of several certificates ranging from couples, families to corporate team building. I know we'll do well with this auction item. Very easy to add their link to our 'featured item' list on our event page.
Kettering Mayor's Party with a Purpose.
Communication is really easy. They are fun to work with. And the packages they provide will be super fun!
A Safe Place
Super easy and very friendly! We explained our fundraiser and they gave us multiple scavenger hunt passes that were easy to download and send to winners. Very grateful!
Survivor Cards
Was easy to get the approval. All you had to do was add them as a sponsor to your website. Got the certificates, just waiting on the books to come in.
Thomas Promise Foundation
Very simple. We added a link to our website and received a wonderful donation.
The Zeke Bondy-Villa Memorial Charities Fund, Inc.
Super easy application. The only time consuming part is having to link their website to the donations page on our website. However, once we did that, we were emailed the donation right away! We are also getting two book along with the certificates we got!
Amazing company, you have to link their logo to your non-profit website, which is not an issue since I do this anyways with all my other local sponsors. We received books in the mail to auction and also coupons/certificates. Super grateful this company made it so easy.
Cornerstone Christian Academy
Super easy, linked them to our website and received 4 Vouchers and Two Books in the mail. I'm excited to have this at our Fundraiser this year as a silent auction item.
Sheryl's BreastFest Inc.
Very sketchy business model. They will only send you a donation AFTER you advertise for them. When I emailed them about this they told me that were not any exceptions and that "this must not be a good fit for us". Twenty minutes later, I received a text with a link to get my tickets and it was only accessible on a mobile device... I didn't proceed any further because I was afraid it was a scam. I don't recommend unless you're willing to take the risk.
Super easy. Helped us when we had issues
Super easy to work with. Love this idea, and am very excited to promote it at our event!
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County
immediate response to "share their website" & then was emailed 4 certificates!
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
Fun auction items
Houston Focus Academy
Seems like a scam, wants a ton of recognition before donating
We were offered a donation and had a Zoom meeting. However, the donation was never sent and the staff would not return calls.
Wasn’t bad. You must have a website to get the full package.. BUT i have yet to receive my other part of my package in the mail but the print outs i have already got. Hopefully they send the rest. Also you must have a webpage to put a blog on and advertise for them as well. Facebook will work but only for a way smaller package.