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Let's Roam is an exciting app-led game that allows you to explore the world with your friends and family by completing challenges. Their scavenger hunt games give people the tools to interpret their surroundings and build lasting relationships.

What they donate

3 Family Scavenger Hunt Six Pack ($270 Value), 2 Date Night Scavenger Hunt Two Pack ($130 Value)
Donation is small & easy to send to guests

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Let's Roam hasn't listed any preferences or eligibility criteria.
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·25 reviews

Grace Classical Academy
May 2024·Approved
amazingly easy!
Fairview Church
April 2024·Approved
We applied online and posted a shout out to Let's Roam on our website (I tried putting it on Facebook and it didn't seem to work there). We received 5 scavenger hunt vouchers instantly to print off and use.
Vets R Us, Inc.
April 2024·Approved
Approved within minutes of linking them to our website. These will be a lot of fun for the people that win them at our raffle.
TruChoice Pregnancy Resource Center
February 2024·Approved
Process was quick and easy! They require that you link to their site from your website or event page and the process to validate that once it was done was instantaneous. Immediately received electronic Scavenger Hunt Passes to be printed.
Campbell CERT
January 2024·Approved
We were approved within minutes and then instructed on how to add their link to our sponsor page. This is a common request, so not a problem at all to do. We received 5 different vouchers for our silent auction. We're located in the middles of a major metropolitian area, so they have about 10 scavenger hunts within our county alone, so lots of choices for our bidders. Thank you!
Donors for Danny
September 2023·Approved
Af first it was difficult. the link they said would work to collect my donation wouldn’t work. Then I spoke to someone in charge and the situation was rectified. You do have to allow them space on your website to promote their business but they do let you know that is part of getting the donation.