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Donating in all states except AK, CT, MA, ME, MI, MN, NH, NY, RI, VT
Ross Dress for Less offers a wide selection of clothing, home decor and home accessories, all at affordable prices.

What they donate

Gift card(s)
Donation can be shipped to you
Donation is small & easy to send to guests

Who they donate to

Support organizations that create brighter futures by building academic achievement and life skills in economically disadvantaged youth (ages 3-24), within 25 miles of a Ross store.
501(c)(3) required
Fundraising events; Medical and health programs; Youth sports, fine arts, and recreation activities; Religious-focused programs; Cash reserves or endowments; Political or advocacy support; Direct support for individuals; Research; Event sponsorship; Animal welfare; Capital campaigns or building upgrades
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·11 reviews

East Clark
May 2024·Approved
Ross Dress for Less was very responsive and generous with their donation! We were able to use the donation to assist a family of 7 that experienced a house fire and lost everything.
Communities In Schools of Delaware @ Colonial School District
May 2024·Approved
They were very quick to respond and we received the gift cards within a few weeks of submitting our request.
Imperfect With Purpose
November 2023·Approved
Wow, I’m so excited and grateful for the generosity Ross shows to organizations who are truly making a difference in the community! I will using the donations as a raffles during our event! Thanks again Ross!
August 2023·Approved
ROSS generously donated gift cards that were used as raffles for parents in attendance to their child's early education center for parent workshops. This helped bring the community in partnership with the early education center, promoted a nurturing school climate and fostered connections between parent, students and educators.
July 2023·Approved
I received four $75 gift certificates. Thank you for kind and generous donation to MEGAN'S HELPING HANDS!
Communities in Schools of Central Texas
June 2023·Approved
The application process was very easy to fill out. The estimated to hear back from Ross is around 6-8 weeks. It takes them a while to respond to request so be ready to wait a while to hear back if you were approved.