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Rubicon Bakers is wholesale baking company with a social mission to give people a second chance. They hire, train and support those ready to turn their lives around after coming out of prison, off the streets, or recovering from drug addiction.
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154 South 23rd St., Richmond, CA 94804


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501c3 · 21 day notice · Education, Local Community, Equality, Poverty & Homeless
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I submitted a form entry three months in advance with several follow-up emails, yet I have not heard back.
Health Connected
They only donate baked goods (no gift cards etc), but are very friendly and quick to respond!
Make sure you have access to a car or transit as the headquarters is a little out of the way.
Coalition on Homelessness
Frankie was SUPER responsive. After I submitted a request, I got a YES within a few days! Thank you Frankie! You're wonderful to work with.
Teach for America