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Topgolf is a premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout spot. It is the best place to enjoy golf, whether you're a newcomer to the sport or a lifelong player.
Donates in:All states except AK, CT, DE, HI, IA, ID, KY, MA, ME, MS, MT, ND, NH, RI, SD, WI, WV, WY

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Gameplay Certificates, Free Lifetime Membership Coupon, Gameplay Coupons, Golf Instruction, and Topgolf Swag (i.e pens, keychains, mugs, tote bags, etc.)


501c3 · 30 day notice · Education, Local Community, Wellness & Fitness, Health, Animals, Children
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User rating
Did not approve my request. My organization is a charity organization that gives all proceeds to the women and children in our county. I wish they Topgolf would have told me why they did not approve my request. It's disappointing.
Junior League of Manatee County
Super easy application process. Did take a few weeks to hear back but received 2 play gift cards.
South Mountain Elementary PTO
Very generous, pleasant. Had to visit the store to pick up the donation.
New Holland
Fast response! Generous donation!
TK Class of of 2023
In less than a week, we received $90 in coupons for our event.
Changing Footprints
Did not take long to respond. Really appreciate the timely matter in which they responded and the amoutn.
Coretta Scott king Young Women's Academy
The request was granted fast and was friendly when I went to pick up the donation.
Prairie View A & M University Police Department
Extremely fast, easy application... We are so happy for the donation. Thank You Topgolf!
Puttin' On The Pink
Very Nice donation to support EMT and Paramedics. Thank You
Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund
Pleased with their very quick response.
Very quick to respond, offered a $50 gift card
Super fast & easy response
Vineland Regional Dance Company
submitted applicatoin and within no time received certificate
Received and email thanking me for my work in the community and giving me details on where to pickup the $50 game play certificate.
Birthday Fundraiser Inc.
Experience was awesome. They responded within a week.
living free life organization
Easy, emailed, they responded via email. Picked up gift card in person at Top Golf.
Quick response and easy to work with
Local Topgolf responded with a donation in less than 24 hours. Not a huge offer, but still great to have and appreciated the fast response!
Very quick response. Sent donation & already received for our auction.
McKinley DogFest