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The Barr Foundation's mission is to invest in human, natural, and creative potential. They support stewardship that nurtures and enhances vital community assets, and strive to serve as catalysts for breakthrough ideas that shape a collective future.

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The Foundation’s Sector Effectiveness grantmaking and activities focus on three goals:

  • Building more effective, inclusive leadership, including:

    • Alignment of executive management, board governance, and culture to cultivate diverse, inclusive leadership at all levels of the organization
    • A robust, diverse, and well-prepared leadership pipeline with equitable access to leadership opportunity
    • Attentiveness to diversity, inclusion, and equity in policy, practice, and culture
  • Improving decision-making on significant public issues, with strategies such as:

    • Building awareness of the need and demand for credible data
    • Including constituent voice that reflects the diversity of our communities
    • Employing strategic communications and engagement approaches to increase the use of credible information in policymaking and practice
    • Building knowledge on how to bridge divides and reduce polarization, and enable healthier, more constructive debate on public issues
  • Bolstering core infrastructure for the social sector, including:

    • Proactive engagement in public policy by nonprofit and philanthropic organizations of all kinds
    • Sharing knowledge, effective practices, and lessons learned across the field by strong and respected organizations
    • Cultivating inclusive cultures to contribute to more equitable outcomes
    • Regularly connecting leaders and fostering collaboration


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