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From Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation

This Foundation was initially established by a testamentary gift in trust under the will of Christian R. Lindback. Educational goals and the support of distressed individuals in the City of Philadelphia through existing charitable organizations were given emphasis.

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The Foundation awards grants for excellence in education and to support distressed individuals in the City of Philadelphia.


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PA (Greater Philadelphia)
Organization Type

Generally speaking, the Trustees of the Lindback Foundation make discretionary grants for the initiation or support of the following:

  • A project which can reasonably be expected to be accomplished by a single grant in a relatively brief period of time
  • New proposal requests are accepted once per calendar year. In the case of an ongoing multi-yr. grant, a successful applicant must wait until the multi-yr. grant has been completed.


Ordinary operating expenses
Medical or scientific research
Projects for the construction, renovation or acquisition of physical facilities (real estate or buildings) or equipment or supplies, except in cases where the equipment or supplies are merely incidental to the primary purposes of the project
Projects which will likely entail grants from the Foundation beyond a period of three years or which may not reasonably be expected to be self-supporting thereafter
Individuals for scholarship or research purposes
Special interest advocacy through legislative lobbying, focused litigation or solicitation of governmental agencies
not specified


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