The Double-R Foundation Grant

From The Double-R Foundation

The Double-R-Foundation focuses its efforts on the enrichment of life in New York City. The Foundation supports volunteer-based organizations that provide services to New York City residents.

Type of Support


We seek to enhance volunteers' efforts by sponsoring specific projects and contributing to non-profit organizations' long-term stability.

The Double-R Foundation has supported programs in the following area:

  • Arts in NYC, particularly by new and developing artists, composers, dancers, and performers
  • City planning programs and organizations, including the development of outdoor space, promotion of the intelligent use of materials, and educating the public and government about short and long term design alternatives
  • Job training programs that link volunteer executives with young entrepreneurs
  • Legal services for the underprivileged
  • Art and music instruction in after-school programs
  • Health care and health research
  • Animal-related services
  • Homeless shelters and related programs
  • Youth-oriented legal support services promoting alternatives to incarceration


Organization's Location
Program Location
NY (New York City)
Organization Type
not specified


Step 1: Pre-proposal
Application deadline
Step 2: Full proposal (invite only)