Jack Chester Foundation Grant

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The Jack Chester Foundation seeks to support high quality and compelling programs in Israel and the U.S. Jewish community, primarily in Miami, through grants to Section 501(c)(3) organizations.

Grant uses


The following are the areas of primary interest of the Foundation.

  1. Jewish education (formal and informal) and Jewish identity, in Miami and Israel
  2. Social services for vulnerable segments of the Jewish communities of Miami and Israel (including people with disabilities and children at risk)
  3. Israel Experience programs
  4. Higher education in Israel
  5. Holocaust education
  6. Israel education and Zionist initiatives
  7. Health care in Israel or serving the Jewish community in Miami


Organization's Location
Program Location
USA (Miami, FL), Israel
Organization Type
not specified


Required Attachments
Audited Financial Statement
Board List
501(c)(3) Letter
Bios of Key Staff
Contact info
Jack Chester Foundation, c/o SunTrust Bank, Foundations & Endowments, 200 S. Orange Avenue, SOAB 10, Orlando, FL 32801