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The Lynch Foundation champions high-impact organizations with visionary leaders seeking to assist communities in need, with a diverse portfolio of grantmaking. We support initiatives across education, health care and wellness including social determinants of health, preservation and access to cultural and historic assets and open space for all, the religious and educational efforts of the Roman Catholic Church, and housing and homelessness.

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Focus Areas

  • Education: The Lynch Foundation believes in the access and opportunity of a quality education for all students.
  • Health Care: The Lynch Foundation supports innovative programs that promote physical, spiritual and mental wellness.
  • Religion: The Lynch Foundation supports the religious and educational efforts of the Roman Catholic Church, with a desire to inspire faith and hope in people’s lives.
  • Culture: The Lynch Foundation believes that engaging in culture and the arts for the beautification and betterment of the community stimulates a powerful force for social change.
  • Housing: The Lynch Foundation believes secure, safe, and stable housing is essential and charts a path out of poverty and homelessness.


Organization's Location
Program Location
MA with preference for MA (Greater Boston Area)
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The Foundation generally does not fund more than 5% of an organization’s total budget.


Funds to sponsor an event, purchase a table or ad, or provide funding to any individual
Emergency or immediate funding
not specified


You may submit applications every 18 months.
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Step 2: Full proposal (invite only)
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