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The Masimo Foundation for Ethics, Innovation, and Competition in Healthcare is committed to advancing positive change for the benefit of clinicians and patients everywhere.

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We support programs, initiatives, and research designed to improve patient safety and outcomes, promote efficient and cost-effective healthcare delivery, and provide advanced healthcare to people worldwide who may not otherwise have access to lifesaving technologies. We place particular emphasis on funding opportunities within the following categories:

Ensuring Fair and Unbiased Competition in the Healthcare Industry - Including but not limited to grants for research, programs, and initiatives that seek to:

  • Expose misaligned incentives, inefficiencies, and inequities that undermine access and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.
  • Explore ways to achieve better healthcare at a lower cost through healthy and robust market competition.

Elevating the Importance of Ethics in the Delivery of Healthcare - Including but not limited to grants designed to:

  • Promote ethical conduct across healthcare delivery systems in order to consistently put the needs of patients before individual, institutional, or corporate interests.

Fostering Innovation and Discovery - Including but not limited to grants for research that seeks to:

  • Transform the practice of medicine through breakthrough innovations that treat diseases, solve important unmet needs, and save lives.
  • Improve patient safety and enhance the quality of care through technological advancements, innovative approaches, and new protocols.


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Glenn Parrish, Administrator, The Masimo Foundation, 52 Discovery, Irvine, CA 92618-3015