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From The Wilson Sheehan Foundation

The Wilson Sheehan Foundation's (WS) mission is to ensure more people get a chance to build a fulfilling life. They invest in educational and economic opportunity, supportive relationships, and joyful enrichment.

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As a Foundation, we invest in people; the most committed, passionate and talented leaders, as well as the many people they support. We firmly believe that an organization’s ability to achieve its goals is directly related to the quality of the organization’s leadership. So we partner with organizations whose leadership has proven capacity to effectively steward funds and achieve results – particularly those that are innovative, replicable and supported by research.

We invest in organizations and projects that give more people living in low-income homes and communities a chance to build key foundations of fulfillment: educational and economic opportunity; supportive relationships; and joyful enrichment.


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USA, with preference for OH (Clark County)
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We kindly request that existing or previous grantees seeking additional funding reach out directly to the Foundation at 


Political campaigns/activities
Individual Scholarships
Mass funding appeals
Advertising for fundraising events
Emergency relief
up to 10k