The TWANDA Foundation Grant

From The TWANDA Foundation

The TWANDA Foundation seeks to empower and expand opportunities for women, disenfranchised youth, and people with disabilities.

Grant uses


Grant Priorities:

  • Women's Empowerment & Economic Development
    • Employment training, the development of job skills, and micro-loans
    • Support for victims of domestic violence
    • Human rights, women’s reproductive rights, and family planning
    • Healthcare and hospice care
    • Critical and immediate needs, including food and shelter.
  • Education
    • Early childhood education
    • Tutorial services for low income students
    • Enrichment programs, including classes in the arts, theater, music, and dance
    • Scholarships for college and trade schools
    • Job training for young adults, particularly for youth who did not graduate from high school
  • Disabled Services
    • Day schools
    • Job training and placement assistance
    • Summer camps and sports activities
    • Specialized equipment for the handicapped including computer and music-related equipment
    • Special needs
    • Family respite and pediatric palliative care


Organization's Location
Program Location
USA with strong preference for CA (San Francisco Bay Area)
Organization Type


Lobbying or political activities
Commercial business purposes
Any litigation that is underway, contemplated, or completed
Direct grants to individuals
Capital campaigns
not specified


Step 1: Pre-proposal
Application deadline
Step 2: Full proposal (invite only)
Review Criteria

For each of our three focus areas, our selection criteria will look favorably on those grants requests that are: - Creative, original, and show promise in affecting change - Have long-term impact, as opposed to a one-time only benefit