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Caesars Entertainment is a hospitality and accommodations service. They manage luxury resorts, hotels, casinos, and other upscale vacation destinations.
Donates in:AZ, CA, CO, FL, IA, IL, IN, LA, MD, MO, MS, NC, Atlantic City (NJ), NV, OH, PA, VA

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Tickets to shows at Caesars Entertainment venues, meeting spaces, monetary support


501c3 · 90 day notice · Wellness & Fitness, Environment & Sustainability, Education, Equality, Local Community
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Easy and fast! Gave us a 2 night stay at the newly remodeled Harvey's in South lake Tahoe! Every year they have been very generous to us!
I submitted the application & a minute later I received this email...... Dear Gina Rotsky, Thank you for reaching out to Caesars Entertainment with your inquiry and request for support. We appreciate it when organizations like yours express interest in our company, and it was a pleasure to learn about your plans to make your community a better place. Unfortunately, after an internal review, we have decided we cannot consider this request for support at this time. Each year, there are many incredible and inspiring organizations that we have the pleasure to consider, and we must often make difficult choices between many requests. We must account for a multitude of variables when reviewing organizations, including alignment with our internal strategy, our existing commitments, and the timing of requests, among others. Thank you again for your inquiry and we wish you much success with your ongoing cause and work. Sincerely, Caesars Team here I thought it was a automatic reply that they received my application
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors