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CVS is reinventing the pharmacy to have a more active, supportive role in each person's unique health experience and in the greater health care environment. They offer everything from prescription advising, to helping manage chronic and specialty conditions, to providing quality walk-in medical care and pharmacy benefits management.
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CVS Pharmacy gift card (up to $50 value)


501c3 · 42 day notice · Local Community
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User rating
Thank you kindly! Very quick and easy process! Approved and received in a timely fashion.
Mesa Public Schools
Easy process with a quick response.
South Mountain Elementary PTO
CVS was so quick and nice! This is so helpful.
Autumn’s Reading Train
Easy application and gift card came by email to print out. This is the second time they have supported us.
Northen Wake Fire Department
The application process was easy and quick
Yes Girls Create
Very quick and easy to work with. I wish more companies were like this. Every little bit really helps!
Autumns Reading Train
Quick response, generous donation. Thank you!
TK Class of 2023
Very easy to work with filled out form online and got email of approval and a eGift card emailed to me.
Strong Arm Helping Families
The process was seamless and the response was within a week. Thank you so much for your support
804 Timpson Foundation
Very easy to work with and fast response!
Lift the Burden Inc
Thank you for the donation to our fundraiser, The Salvation Army of McKeesport Women's Auxiliary. Very easy to apply and a quick response.
The Salvation Army of McKeesport
easy to request, received rather quickly via email
Sustainable Renton
Quick response. Received $50 E-gift card by email. Thank you!
2 End The Stigma
I just received a spam response and fake emails
Carrolltowne pta
Rewarding experience, very timely response to my request
Making a Difference for You, Inc.
They were very quick to get bad to me with their donation.
Ronald McDonald House Charities Northeast Kansas, Inc.
Very quick response with an gift card on email
Duluth High PTSA
Easy process, will receive e-gift card in 4-6 weeks! Thank you!
Ms Berry Cares Foundation
We got an immediate "we do not donate to unsolicited donors in this school district"...
Westchester Country Day School
Received e-gift card. Easy process
Approved in one week a $25 gift card
Easy to apply with quick response.
Very quick to respond yes to our donation request!
National Association of EMS Educators
Very fast and generous response!
Easy to apply and quickly approved!
The Humane Society of Lawton-Comanche County
Quick response easy
Building opportunities for self sufficiency
Quick response.
Operation Wakulla, Inc.
Very quickly approved!
Very easy. Sent via email.
Easy, fast response!
Easy, sent donation quickly.
contacted them via email and submitted applicaiton. received the award within 1 week
It was great.
Kiwanis Club Ozone Park-Woodhaven
Quick response - fast delivery of a eGift card.
Assistance League of Santa Ana
Submitted online donation request and received an approval decision within one week for an electronic gift card. The email stated to allow 4-6 weeks to receive it.
Isaiah 117 House
Thank you so much for supporting the community. As a trailblazer of kindness and a humanitarian we salute you
They responded within 1-2 days and told me we was approved. We are expecting it with the next 4 yo 6 weeks. The application was short and simple.
nice and quick donation via email Thanks
Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund
Application was easy and they donated a gift card via email download, Thank you very much!!!
Frankie Valente Scholarship Fund
Quick response.
Blacklining Foundation
Very quick response
ReDefiners World Languages
Very easy process and very quick response. Received an e-gift card. Every donation helps and we appreciate it.
more detailed application but easy! received a gift card
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
We received an email stating our request was accepted and a gift care will be mailed out within 4-6 weeks. Once that time past with no donation, we sent 3 emails inquiring to the status of the gift card. We never received a response to any of our inquires.
they work with nonprofits
Warriors Wangling Walleye
Responded quickly that we are approved for a $25 gift card. Will be sent via email in 4-6 weeks.
Very fast response enjoy working with company's who support 501C3 nonprofits
Application easy to submit on behalf of a school fundraiser but automated response was no donations are being given at this time. Would have preferred they had a statement BEFORE filling out the application...
They received our request and responded quickly.
Centerpoint Community Church
Have not recieved anything
CVS was so easy to work with. They responded promptly to my donation request and the form was easy to fill out.
Sebastian's Village of Friends
It was easy to work with CVS regarding the donation request process. We are very appreciative of their generosity during this difficult financial time. Thank you!
Illinois Nurses Foundation
sent me an email with a printable bar code for $25
Cherry River Little League
Very easy to navigate the online system and a quick response time.
Children's Aid and Family Services, Inc
Even though it was our first request and did not expect to get anything, we did get $50 gift card. Every gift from a donor is a special gift. We thank CVS for their donation.
Nigerian Association of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists in the Americas
Company responded within 2 days. It was a very easy process.
Do not expect large amounts from CVS, but, please be grateful for anything you receive if you're a nonprofit organization. You can almost always expect an annual donation from CVS. They are easy to work with and communicate well. Team A.Maise is always grateful for their yearly gift card donation.
Team A.Maise