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Gordon Food Service Store

Donating in AL, FL, IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, NY, OH, PA, TN, WI
Gordon Food Service Store is a restaurant supply store with 175 locations in the US that offers a wide array of restaurant-quality products and supplies.

What they donate

Food, gift card(s)
Donation can be shipped to you

Who they donate to

Supports organizations that address hunger, housing, healthcare or education
501(c)(3) preferred
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·5 reviews

ELGA Credit Union Foundation for Impact
July 2023·Approved
Quick and easy application. Received the donation in the form of a gift card within 5 days.
A Starrs Initiative
July 2023·Approved
Recieved a one time 10% off coupon
Sheryl's BreastFest
April 2023·Approved
Received a letter for 15% off at the store, I bet I can find a 20% off coupon in our mail flyers - lol.
Sheryl's BreastFest
March 2023·Approved
I appreciate the 10% off at Gordon, but I could of found a coupon for 20% off, was really hoping for a gift card. That is ok, we will use it for buying things for our event.
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
February 2023·Approved
simple & easy process! heard back in about 3 weeks