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Trader Joe's is a chain of specialty grocery stores that carry staple products and a diverse range of foods inspired by international cuisine.
Donates in:All states except AK, HI, MS, MT, ND, SD, WV, WY

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In person


Food, beverage product(s), gift card(s)


501c3 · 21 day notice · Local Community
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User rating
The manager was EXTREMELY kind and helpful -- went above and beyond to help us. They donated $50 of their beautiful plants and flowers that we used as centerpieces at our event.
We submitted an application to our local Trader Joe's and never heard back.
Save the Shores
We dropped of the donation request form at our local store. They were happy to provide us with a gift card for our raffle.
I had to mail our request since they don't do requests by email or online. Heard back after 3 week. Great communication. Gave us a nice gift bag for our auction.
Allow plenty of lead time, as they receive a ton of requests!