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Graeter's Ice Cream

Donating in Chicago (IL), Indianapolis (IN), KY, OH, Pittsburgh (PA)
Graeter's Ice Cream Co. churns out amazing ice creams from their factory in Cincinnati, Ohio. Stocking the shelves of grocery stores nationwide means this ice cream can satisfy your cravings anywhere you may be.

What they donate

$20 gift certificate redeemable in local Graeter's retail stores
Donation can be shipped to you
Donation is small & easy to send to guests

Who they donate to

501(c)(3) required
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·2 reviews

The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
July 2023·Approved
simple & easy process! I applied at the end of January but heard end of June since our event was not until end of July
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
March 2022·Approved
very easy & simple process! received a gift card