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Jacki Easlick has created her brand around woman empowerment, offering her designer expertise through her hand-crafted high quality, affordable luxury handbags and her classy bag carrier, the Tote Hanger.

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Kettering Mayor's Party with a Purpose
March 2023·Declined
This went to a another site you had to sign up for - and it looked like you had to pay to do so. I reached out on their direct donation page and filled out the form. Got a 'no' within an hour because I didn't sign up with their partner. Kind of disappointing.
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Yellowstone County
March 2022·Approved
Jacki Easlick was so easy to submit a request and so nice. We are super excited to be working with the company!
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
March 2022·Approved
Responded within hours of applying for a donation! So generous!