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Niagara Bottling

Donating in AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IN, MO, MS, NC, NM, NV, OH, OK, PA, SC, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI
Niagara Bottling is a manufacturer of bottled water and other drinks. Their products include purified water, vitamin enhanced water, sparkling water, and iced tea.

What they donate

Water bottle cases
Donation can be picked up

Who they donate to

Supports organizations who help children and families in need
501(c)(3) preferred
organizations planning to resell products for fundraising purposes
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·5 reviews

Lift the Burden
August 2023·Declined
We have been awarded in the past, very easy process, and great to work with. Gave us 2 full pallets plus a few extra cases. During the summer months, which is their peak months we were denied.
July 2023·Approved
Application process was quick. Thank you Niagara Water for your generous donation! From MEGAN'S HELPING HANDS.
July 2023·Approved
Niagara responded quickly with a two pallet donation of water. It was great because each month we have an event and serve beverages and water is very needed for our monthly events.
Just Us for Youth
April 2023·Approved
We had to wait for product to be available, and Allison kept in contact with us to let us know the status at each step. Once the product was available, everything moved very quickly. We were able to pick up a pallet of water. I got lost at the bottling plant but Ricky was able to talk me through and get the pallet loaded on the truck. Overall, very simple and pleasant process.
The Rotsky Foundation for Mentors
May 2022·Approved
a very easy & simple process! you have to be willing to drive to one of their plants to physically pickup the donation (pallet of 84 -24 bottle cases of water) on a mutually agreed upon day & time