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Stonewall Kitchen

Donating in South Windsor (CT), Newburyport (MA), Boston (MA), ME, NH
Stonewall Kitchen specializes in jam, jelly, and sauce products and is most famous for their Wild Maine Blueberry Jam. Their family of brands includes other artisan goods like olive oils, pastas, coffee, and scented candles.

What they donate

Food, gift card(s)
Donation can be shipped to you
Donation is small & easy to send to guests

Who they donate to

Support community organizations that focus on children in crisis, cancer and hunger and food insecurities
501(c)(3) required
Individual causes such as a walk/run, bike, swim, or other similar pledge event; Political or religious groups; Private clubs
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·3 reviews

LBFE Boston
August 2023·Approved
Basket full of Stonewall Kitchen products. Excellent yearly donor.
LBFE Boston | Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly
August 2023·Approved
Gift basket received; donated 2 years in a row
Connecticut breast health, initiative, Inc.
April 2023·Approved
I sent an email and had a response within one day received a beautiful basket within two weeks.