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Our mission is to create meaningful impact through giving back to humanity with good nature and generous hearts. The family is committed to seeking an impact, driven by God and for all who serve, in the areas of religious endeavors, family, children, health welfare, education, veterans issues, animal welfare and nature and wildlife conservation.

Grant uses


Areas of Interest

  • Animal Welfare
  • Children & Families
  • Disaster Relief
  • Education
  • Medical Assistance
  • Nature & Wildlife Conservation
  • Poverty Relief
  • Religious & Spiritual Endeavors
  • Veterans' Issues


Organization's Location
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Capital projects
not specified


Contact info
(800) 839-1821
Review Criteria

We take many different aspects of applications into account when making grant issuing decisions, however these are some of the high-level questions we ask ourselves during the process:

  • How does the organization serve their key audience goals?
  • Is the organization fiscally responsible?
  • Will a grant have a tangible, meaningful impact?
  • Will we see direct results from this grant?
  • Does the organization have other financial contributors?
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