Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grant

From The Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh and The Spectroscopy Society of Pennsylvania

The Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP) was organized 1942 to advance analytical chemistry through science education. Its sister society is the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP). The SACP is dedicated to the education of their membership, of the community and of future scientists from kindergarten through college.

Type of Support


The Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grants (PCMNCG) Program is one aspect of the efforts of the Pittcon volunteers and the sponsoring societies to support science education. Grants will be awarded to small college science departments for the purchase of scientific equipment, audio-visual or other teaching aids, and/or library materials for use in the teaching of science at the undergraduate level.


Organization's Location
Program Location
Organization Type
Colleges and universities with undergraduate programs


Schools where more than 25% of their operating budget comes from national or state governments (two-year community colleges sponsored by political subdivisions of a state are not bound by this criteria
Schools with enrollment that exceeds 5,000 full-time students (Two-year community colleges sponsored by political subdivisions of a state are not bound by this criteria)
Requests for materials to be used only for research purposes
Schools are ineligible for the PCMNCG program for a three-year period following receipt of the PCMNCG grant
up to 10k


You may submit applications every 36 months. You may receive awards every 36 months.
Required Attachments
Project Budget
Review Criteria
  • Awards may be used as part of “Matching Grant” programs; use of matching funds to increase the overall impact of the grant will be considered in the evaluation of proposals and is highly encouraged.
  • Strong proposals had the following characteristics (in no particular order)
    • All information requested on application form are completely and accurately filled out
    • Good development and organization
    • PCMNCG funds leveraged by matching contributions from the university or another source
    • Specific examples of how the requested equipment would be integrated into the science programs
    • Requested equipment and materials impact a large number of students
    • Brief descriptions of specific experiments that demonstrate broad use of the equipment
    • Funds were not requested for computers, notepads and/or generic software